Thank You for Your Estimate of Giving

Thank you for completing Step 1 – Your Estimate of Giving


Step 2 is quick and easy – Set Up Recurring Online Giving

Recurring Online Giving is the preferred method of giving as it helps the church plan and budget. It also saves processing time and costs. You can give via credit card or ACH transfer. The latter offers more benefit to the church due to the reduced processing fee.

New to online giving?

You can establish Recurring Online Giving for the 2023 General Giving Restoration Loudoun fund.

Already giving online?

To ensure donor security, the finance office cannot establish or alter your giving based on your Estimate of Giving.

Want to update your online giving to reflect your new Estimate of Giving?

Log in to establish a new schedule and select 2023 General Giving Restoration Loudoun from the Fund dropdown menu.

Thank you for your generous Estimate of Giving. You will receive an email confirmation shortly.

If you have any questions, contact Karen Heier at

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