As our environment changes, so must our habits, our perspectives and our conversations about what can and should be done. Now is the time for us to consider the legacy we are leaving for future generations. We are called to care and steward creation in a way that honors God; to create a sustainable path for the future. In this series, we will look at how scripture teaches us a greater love for creation while identifying ways we can shape a new reality for future generations.

August 8 | God’s Gift to Us | Genesis 1:1-25
When we live in a society with a high value on consumerism, it is hard to remember that creation is a gift to us from God. The creation story gives us a beautiful description of God’s handiwork. Once we recognize the sacredness of God’s creation, we can begin to live in a way more fitting of this priceless gift.

August 15 | God’s Desire for Us | Genesis 1: 24-31
God has called on each one of us to be responsible for creation. However, as stewards, we have failed miserably. The destruction of the environment happens in so many ways: transportation, industry and the comforts of modern convenience. God desires better from us. In this sermon, we will look at the concrete ways in which we can change behaviors.

August 22 | God’s Future | Matthew 13: 1-9
We learn throughout Scripture that we reap what we sow. If we want to leave a legacy of stewardship and care for future generations to live and live abundantly then, we need to act now. In this sermon, we will talk about some stories in the Scripture where wonderful legacies were left behind for future generations and how we might do that today.