Love Your Neighbor

Shoveling snow, borrowing a cup of sugar, getting a ride to the bus stop; neighbors are wonderful, but what if we went deeper? What if we learn how to love each other beyond the surface and make loving kindness our primary way of being? Jesus shows us how to do this. Join us for this sermon series as we explore the powerful possibilities of love.

January 10 | Testify to Love | Matthew 9:35-38
As the old song says, “What the world needs now is love”, but sometimes it seems as if we have forgotten this basic need, even Christians. What if we approached every situation with this question: “What’s the most loving thing I can do right now?”. Join us this week as we discover ways of being more loving.

January 17 | Love is the Way | 1 John 4:7-12
Love is not an activity; it is a way of being. There is power in love to uplift and liberate when nothing else will. 1 John tells us that the way to love each other is to learn about the power that comes from knowing God. This week, we will explore how we can grow closer to God and to others.

January 24 | Common Ground | Acts 17:22-28
Human beings are prone to conflict, yet Jesus teaches us to forgive, to love and not to judge without examining ourselves first. Jesus took in those he disagreed with and worked on finding common ground for conversation. This week’s message will discuss how we can live together in love.

Love Your Neighbor
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