Asking for a Friend – Finding answers to tough questions

Sometimes it feels awkward to ask questions about life and faith, but the truth is we all want to hear the answers. This series will attempt to answer challenging questions that can cause us to feel stuck in our faith.

April 19 | Is it okay to doubt? – Matthew 22:34-40
We can all come up with lots of reasons for not wanting to ask the big questions. We don’t want to appear vulnerable or confused. We are even fearful of appearing ignorant. What if our faith is rooted in investigation? What if asking questions is one of the ways we learn and grow? Join us this week for a look at how doubt leads to faith.

April 26 | Why church? (Do I have to come to church to follow Jesus?) – 1 Chronicles 16:1-11
Many people think that to be a Christian means you have to go to church. But does it? Join us as we explore how encouragement, compassion and possibilities are enhanced when we intentionally come together week after week.

May 3 | Why are some Christians so angry? – Philippians 2:1-4
When Christians are quoted saying things like, “The earth is only 6000 years old.” Or, “Women are not allowed to speak in church.” It becomes really hard to call yourself a Christian. How can we follow Jesus in a way that doesn’t sound irrational?

Restoration Church Update

Restoration Church: Loudoun will not have an in-person worship service on Sunday. Please join us for Live Stream at 10 a.m. instead.