This Summer…

Summer is almost here which means school is about to end, the weather will get hot and kids and adults alike are ready for a change.

This year, vacations will be taken, trips to the beach and to see family. How might we use this time as an opportunity to grow in our faith?

During the sermon series, we will look at four opportunities to help us grow in our faith this summer.

June 6 | This Summer… Engage with God | 2 Timothy 3:10-17 
Summer is often a season of disengagement. Schools close, people go on vacations, the pace of life generally slows down and many of us disengage from our usual schedules. While this is often good and needed, we need to be careful as we shift our practices, that we do not disengage from God. Often in the summer, we attend worship less, we participate in church activities less, we pray less and we give less. What if, this summer, we made it our goal to engage more with God? Join us as we explore the possibilities.

June 13 | This Summer… Unplug from the World | Romans 12:1-5 
Everyone seems to agree that life is getting busier and more frantic. We are bombarded by more information than we can process. Our world abounds with countless technological breakthroughs, each one promising to make our lives better. For better or worse, technology is changing how we receive information, how we relate to people, how we see ourselves and possibly what we value and believe about God. This Summer, what if, we unplug for a time and pause to talk with God without the insistent demands of our devices?

June 20 | This Summer… Rest | Matthew 11:25-30
Summer days evoke images of hammock naps, poolside snoozes and long evenings, sitting around an idyllic outdoor meal. Reality is often the opposite. It is hard to stop long enough to rest and be quiet. Yet, Jesus himself invites us to come and find rest. What if, this summer, we were intentional about finding time to rest? It is often in those moments that we have an encounter with God!

June 27 | This Summer… Serve | Matthew 20:20-28  
Jesus often taught us about equality and the need for all people to serve. This week, join us, as we look at a time when Jesus helped his disciples understand the value of serving others and not focus on who is more important.

July 4 | This Summer… Celebrate! | Psalm 47 
We engage in celebration when we enjoy ourselves, our life and our world, in conjunction with our confidence in God’s goodness and beauty. We concentrate on our life and world as God’s work and as God’s gift to us. Holy delight and joy is the great antidote to despair and is a wellspring of genuine gratitude.