Making Room

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming sooner than we think. Our shopping lists, travel plans and schedules can leave us feeling overwhelmed and cluttered with all that needs to be done. Come find practical and meaningful ways to make room in your life for what matters most.

November 3 | Making Room – Matthew 3:1-6
Life can be so full that there is no room for God. In order for us to have the most meaningful experience this holiday season, we have to create space for God to work in and through us. Just as John the Baptist made way for Jesus, we have to remove the clutter and distractions in our daily lives to open ourselves to God.

November 10 | Making Room for Others – Matthew 6:19-24
Generous is something that we want to be but find hard to do. It requires us to take stock, gain a new focus and understand what would spark real joy in our lives. In this sermon, we’ll explore what happens when we make space for generosity.

November 17 | Making Room for the Unexpected – Matthew 11: 27-30
Exhaustion is the enemy of joy and limits our capacity. When we find space for rest and select our activity carefully, we make room for the Holy Spirit to do unexpected things in our lives rather than be overwhelmed by the season.

November 24 | Making Room at the Table – Luke 14:15-24
Rich and unexpected experiences occur when we invite others to the table. Could God be calling you to a new experience through the invitations that you offer others?