Vision 2020

It is a new year, filled with possibilities. While the self-help/realization books of today can give us great insights into our lives and how we interact with the world, John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, had three very simple rules. We will explore how these rules, not just any rules, but rules of liberation, apply to our everyday lives.

January 12 | Do No Harm – Matthew 5:38-48
John Wesley’s first rule for life, Do No Harm, seeks to keep us from harming ourselves and harming others. Whether it is the decisions we make on how we spend our time, how we treat others and how we create a just society, doing no harm is a starting point for a life of following Jesus.

January 19 | Do Good – Matthew 15:29-39 
John Wesley’s second rule, Do Good, gives us a guide on our everyday habits and actions. What does it mean to do good, even when doing the right thing can feel hard or challenging? This week we will talk about ways to do lasting good.

January 26 | Attend to the Ordinances of God – Matthew 6:5-17
John Wesley’s third rule, Attend to the Ordinances of God, is intended to help us stay in love with God. Doing no harm and doing good are meaningless without a growing relationship with God. In this sermon, we’ll talk about tangible and meaningful ways to deepen your love of God through spiritual practices.