John, The Gospel of Light and Life

Learning how to shine light in the darkness is a skill we all wish we could learn. During the season of Lent, we will study the light and life found in Jesus Christ and learn how it changes the lives of those who follow him.

March 1 | The Word Made Flesh – John 1:1-9
The Word of God comes to us most completely, most clearly, and most compellingly, not in a book, but in the person of Jesus Christ. John enables us to understand that as we learn about Jesus, we understand the nature of God. Join us as we see what light of Christ reveals about the mystery of God’s nature.

March 8 | Miracles – John 2:1-11
Miracles. The very word excites us and repels us. Are they real? Did Jesus really change water into wine? Did he heal the blind? This week we will take a closer look at the miracles of Jesus, ask if there is more to the story gain an better understanding of their meaning for our lives.

March 15 | I AM – John 6:35-40
In the Gospel of John, Jesus declares, “I am” several times. These were two essential words that religious leaders didn’t like, disciples did not understand, but which help us understand who Jesus is. Come hear the power of two small words that change everything.

March 22 | Farewell – John 16:4b-12
Saying goodbye is never easy, especially if it is a prelude to great suffering. Jesus prepared his disciples for the hardship to come by helping them understand its true meaning. His lessons are essential truths for us as well.

April 5 | Eternal Life – John 11:17-27
If you have ever wondered what happens after a person dies, you want to be present this Sunday. The resurrection of Jesus as the Christ is the singular watershed moment of human history. Come here how and why.