Making Change

Everyone wants to be financially smart.

From a young age, parents encourage their kids to learn ways to spend money wisely. Yet, Americans currently owe nearly one trillion dollars in credit card debt. More than 70% have less than $1,000 in savings. Many live paycheck to paycheck. Some, who are secure, wonder how to share their wisdom with their family or friends who struggle. God calls us to learn and share how to spend, save and give generously.

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January 31 | Spend Wisely | Luke 16:10-15
Jesus tells a story about a man who spends money dishonestly. Have you ever thought about spending much more than you have as being dishonest? This week, we will talk about spending wisely and not allowing credit cards to create dishonest people out of us.

February 7 | Save Intentionally | Luke 14:28-33
Planning is important. It’s important to think about your retirement, your kid’s education, your long-term care and your investments. Jesus tells people that it’s important to plan when building. As you are building your life, it is important to think about how you are planning for the future. Join us this week as we talk about how to save intentionally while thinking about the future.

February 14 | Give Generously | 1 John 3:11-18
Generosity does not happen by accident, but by thoughtful intention. It requires us to look at our lives – our time, talent, treasure and priorities – and then, make decisions about how they will be deployed. Most people want to act on their generous spirit, but find it impossible because their life is not designed for it.  This week, come hear the secrets that enable people to move beyond wishful thinking to enjoy a generous life.

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Be a part of our six-week Saving Grace study! This life group will discuss how we, as people of faith, can create healthy relations with money and possessions.

Rev. Tom Berlin co-hosts weekly videos in this study based on Wesleyan values. It will help you reach personal financial goals, as well as address life concerns. These life groups meet Tuesdays or Thursdays at 7 p.m.

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More than 70% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.

Spend Wisely

How we spend our money matters. The first step of any financial journey is to find clarity about where you are and the practices that will enable you to accomplish your goals. Practicing and teaching those you love how to create a spending plan is the key to freedom from financial anxiety and the gateway to generosity.

Save Intentionally

You have a lot in front of you in life that you would like to enjoy: education, experiences, retirement and your ability to help others, all depend on your willingness to save money. Jesus offers us insights into the ways a successful builder turns a dream into a reality. We will talk about the plans that make all the difference.

Give Generously

Generosity does not happen by accident, but by thoughtful intention. It requires us to look at our lives and then make decisions about how they will be deployed. Most people want to act on their generous spirit, but find it is only possible when their life is designed for it.

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Download the Restoration Church Giving Path to help plan what part of your income to give.

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Download the General Giving Fund Illustration to see who makes up Restoration Church’s General Giving Fund.

Download Personal Plan for Generocity Growth to see suggested percentages of monthly giving based on annual income.


Making Change challenges us to examine the ways we integrate the wisdom of the Bible into our financial lives. Most people want freedom from anxiety and the ability to act on their generous spirit, but find it challenging.

  • Create a spending plan
  • Develop a savings plan
  • Examine your personal giving and how it reflects your commitment to Christ

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