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Thank you so much for prioritizing Restoration Church in your generous giving. Your consistency provides stability, strength and support to Restoration Church’s ministry. Lives are being changed because of you!

Online Giving

Online giving is now easier, faster and more secure than ever. Many of us don’t carry cash or a checkbook, but we always have our smartphones. You can donate online in less than a minute. The first time you give, you can set up your secure account. After that, you will be all set. Have questions? Read our FAQs.

Estimating for the General Fund

Your general fund estimates of giving are a critical part of how we make a difference in our church, our community and our world. You may change your commitment at any time by notifying the finance office.

Christmas Eve Giving: $395,958

Floris UMC will continue our annual tradition of giving it all away! All funds go to ministries and partner organizations that transform lives. Over the years we have given away more than $3 million because of your generosity.

Throughout 2020, Floris UMC/Restoration have supported our neighbors and communities across the globe through our partner organizations and their efforts to help families affected by COVID-19. This year’s recipients are Cornerstones, Helping Children Worldwide, Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter and Community and World Impact Fund.

Christmas Eve Giving - Every Year We Give It All Away

We worked with Cornerstones this year to direct families in need of rental assistance to their CARES Act Relief Programs to prevent evictions. We partnered with Helping Children Worldwide to give 100 families much needed food and resources after markets closed because of COVID-19. We joined Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter to help vulnerable families find resources for safe housing and other services to stay safe during tumultuous times. All donated funds will be sent to our ministry partners to help further the work that God is doing to transform lives and build better futures for families, individuals and communities across the globe.

Christmas Eve Giving is our church’s gift to others so that they can rediscover joy, peace, hope and love this season. Every cent of your generosity enables our church and organizations in our community and world to do life-transforming work.