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Faith & Science

Some people believe that we have to make a choice – Faith or Science. Most christians don’t like to choose between the two. What if faith and science are intricately related? Join us for this series as we look at weighty scientific theories and the intersection of faith and science.

April 21 | The Body Beyond Death - Matthew 22:23-33
Science shows that death is the end of the earthly body. But faith says there’s more. Could they both be right? Jesus talked about life beyond death 2000 years ago and that helps us today. Join us this week as we wrestle with the reality of resurrection.

May 5 | Creation and Evolution - Genesis 1:20-31
Did God create the world in seven days? Did people just appear? Is evolution completely contradictory to the nature of a Creator? This week we will look at the way the creation story is richer and more complex than we might think.

May 12 | What’s happening to the earth? - Psalm 65:9-13
It seems that nearly every day we hear about yet another path of destruction. Does it matter? God and science both seem to have a lot to say about caring for the earth. Join us as we see what our role is in the intersection of faith and science. 

May 19 | The Holy in Medicine - Matthew 9:9-13
Who heals? Is it all medicine? All God? God has a hand in healing. Doctors have a hand in healing. These concepts have been challenging to people for ages. This week we will dive into the question of healing and how God is involved.