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Kids are important to us at Restoration Church. We want every kid to hear about the amazing love Jesus has for them and to inspire them to share that love with others.

KidsLife offers preschool kids (ages 1-5) fun activities and crafts, while school-aged kids (grades K-5) enjoy more in-depth projects and thought-provoking ideas. All ages are currently sharing a lesson in one room, so siblings stay together.

In light of Covid-19, we are taking some precautions, including:

  • seating kids with social distancing in mind
  • keeping an appropriate distance when playing games or enjoying other activities
  • requiring masks indoors for everyone age 2 and up (following LCPS guidelines)
  • not sharing snacks, but allowing your child to bring a water bottle and/or small snack to enjoy in an area separated from others
  • optional masks for fully-vaccinated individuals outdoors

Online Options

Our desire to inspire kids hasn’t changed with the pandemic! We understand families who need to remain isolated or distant for a while. Whether you attend Sunday worship services or not, your kids are welcome to take part in KidsLife Online. Our at-home “camp” sessions include crafts, songs, and stories that bring the Bible to life.


How can I find instructions or craft materials for the online lessons?

Contact Ms. Jennifer at for instructions and information about the materials for a specific lesson or series of lessons.

How can I access a previous KidsLife Online video?

Scroll down to see previous videos or contact Ms. Jennifer at for lessons between Summer 2020 and Spring 2021.

Deeply Rooted Kids

Questions about lessons or materials? Contact Ms. Jennifer at

Pandemic Life Skills

Craft Editions

Jesus After Resurrection

Holy Week & Easter

Lent & Easter 2021

  • Jesus as a Boy in the Temple
  • Palm Sunday
  • The Last Supper
  • Good Friday and Easter

Spring 2021  |  Session 2

  • Using Money Wisely
  • Using Time Wisely

Spring 2021  |  Session 1

  • Through the Roof
  • The Golden Rule

Questions about lessons or materials? Contact Ms. Jennifer at

Advent & Christmas 2020

  • Savior: The Angel visits Mary
  • Emmanuel: Jesus is born in a stable
  • Light of the World: Simeon and Anna
  • King: The Wise Men and Herod

Fall 2020  |  Session 2

  • Jonah and the Big Fish
  • Elisha and the Widow’s Oil
  • Elisha and Naaman
  • Elizabeth and Zechariah

Fall 2020  |  Session 1

  • Esther and the King
  • Daniel and the Lions
  • Elijah and the Ravens
  • Elijah and God’s Fire

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