Finances are uncertain.

Interest rates are rising. Inflation is driving up prices. Housing costs are through the roof. Even with these circumstances, you can arrange your finances so that you do more than survive.

You can leave a legacy.

Yet too often, we don’t know how to get started. Is there still time to make a noticeable difference in our savings for the future and provide for today? We know we need to develop sound financial habits, but where do we start?

How do you leave a financial legacy? 

Regardless of your age, your personal experiences, upbringing, household debt, income, and financial literacy all play a role in building a successful financial plan that creates a sustainable future.

Now is the time to plan your legacy.

Only 57% of adults in the United States are financially literate

(Milken Institute)

Gain some clarity.

As you learn about leaving a legacy, use the Giving Path tool to help you find where you are on your journey. Plan what part of your income to give using the Giving Path illustration.

The Financial Step Chart provides the giving patterns of our congregation. Understanding our giving as a church will help you determine where God may be leading you to leave a legacy. Learn who makes up Floris UMC’s General Giving Fund using the General Giving Fund illustration.

Your Personal Plan can evolve over time, given changes in income and the desire to give. See suggested percentages of monthly giving based on annual income using the Personal Plan for Generosity Growth.

Watch Pastor Jake McGlothin to learn more about these financial tools.

Facebook Live

Join Rev. Tom Berlin for The Legacy We Leave Facebook Live series. Find out how wisdom and intentionality can shape your financial future.

  • September 23 at 7 p.m. – Jim Berlin
  • September 25 at 7 p.m. – Kim Harney

Other Resources

Financial websites for your legacy:

Estimate of Giving

Your giving is a critical part of how we make a difference in our church, our community and our world.

You may change your estimate at any time by notifying the finance office.

Sermon Series  |  The Legacy We Leave

The Bible talks about our relationship with money because it allows us to provide for our needs and express our generosity. Our legacy includes wealth management, which defines our values and goals in life. When we learn to manage money in ways consistent with our discipleship to Jesus, we bless our family, teach the next generation essential skills for life and create a legacy of generosity.

This sermon series is for all stages of life. Whether you are starting out, thinking about retirement, or somewhere in between, it is an opportunity to build your financial skills and experience generosity as a spiritual discipline.

Join us each Sunday from September 18 to October 2. 

September 18 | A Legacy of Order | Proverbs 21:5-6, 17, 20-21
Order in our financial world brings us peace of mind and the ability to provide for our needs, save for our future and enjoy the present. The wisdom of the Bible informs how we order our financial world and changes our lives for good.

September 25 | A Legacy of Intention | Luke 12:13-21
When we understand our intentions for life, we align our resources and serve our goals. When we don’t, we are fools who look back on our opportunities and regret what our lives never accomplished.

October 2 | A Legacy of Generosity | 1 Timothy 6:17-19
Generosity is not an act we hope to accomplish someday if we have enough left over. It is a lifestyle God requires from those who follow Jesus Christ. It is also a pathway to a truly joyful and transformed life.

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