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Curriculum Resources
There are many ways to choose curriculum. Below are a few ways to make your decision easier.

  • Church of the Resurrection UMC has a wonderful resource on their website that is for anyone to use, and can be found on COR’s Website entitled, The CORriculator. Once you are on the website, follow the simple directions to look at curriculum suited for your group’s interests and level of study. If you find a curriculum which interests you contact Bill Gray  BGray@florisumc.org and it will be ordered for you.
  • Floris UMC has a great curriculum library, located in the third floor office area. The shelves are set up by topic, including Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Living and much more. Feel free to come in and browse the shelves or you can access the curriculum library from home. This site has the entire library along with accompanying resources and evaluations by previous users.
  • Talk with other Small Group Leaders and ask what they recommend. They are a great resource and can tell you what worked for their group and what did not.
  • Contact Bill Gray, Director of Grow Ministries here at Floris. He can make suggestions based on your group’s interests and level of study.

Group Life Leadership Sign-in
Sign in to InFellowship to update your class information

Small Group Submission for Leaders
Submit your small group online so that it will appear on the class list.

What to do for those seeking assistance
First and foremost, the church does not have cash to dispense. They should be directed to one of the pastors or Mike Fee, Director of Serve Ministries. If this should occur outside normal business hours here are some guidelines:

  1. Get to know them. Ask their name and understand that they are likely in a stressful situation.
  2. Identify the need. If the person needs help with utilities, immigration, rental payments or medical needs they should contact Fairfax County Coordinated Services at 703-222-0880.
  3. Be clear about what we do and don’t provide. We do not assist by giving direct cash. We do on occasion give gas and grocery gift cards but these are available through the pastors or director of serve, Jake McGlothin. We do not recommend you give cash directly on a personal level but there are circumstances where people may feel compelled to do so.
  4. Show Grace. If you experience resistance or the individual seems dissatisfied with your responses, have them contact Jake or one of the pastors during regular business hours by calling the church office at 703-793-0026.
  5. Utilize 911 or police. If you feel you or others are in danger call 911! If the individual is belligerent or insistent, call the police or dial 911.

Should you feel the individual needs other resources here are some to which they may be directed.

Fairfax County Police non-emergency 703-691-2131
Fairfax County Coordinated Services 703-222-0880
Fairfax County Domestic Violence 703-360-7273
Loudoun County Domestic Violence 703-777-6552
Community Services Board – 24 hour Emergency Hotline 703-573-5679
Woodburn Place Crisis Care (mental health services) 703-573-5679

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