Every year at Floris UMC/Restoration, we come together to study one common message during Lent. This season, let’s explore together the many names we give Jesus.

What’s in a Name?

Names matter. What you call someone defines your relationship, loyalty and love. Jesus’ disciples called him many names. What those titles mean and how we interpret them can inform our relationship with Jesus. Ultimately, these names teach us new ways to relate to Christ and show us ways he can transform our lives.

Beginning the week of March 6, we will delve into the many names we give Jesus: Friend, Teacher, Way, Presence, Savior and Lord.

Sign up online or after worship service on Sunday.

If you live in the Floris UMC/Restoration area and can not pick up a Lenten Journal, we can help. Send your name, address and phone number to Jake McGlothin at jmcglothin@restorationloudoun.org, and we will deliver a journal to you.

If you do not live locally, you can download a Lenten Journal.

For more information, contact Bill Gray at bgray@florisumc.org, Carol Edwards at cedwards@florisumc.org or Jake McGlothin at jmcglothin@restorationloudoun.org.

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