A New Source for Education

Amplify is a multi‐media platform that delivers high quality, searchable content with an emphasis on Wesleyan perspectives for church‐wide, group or individual use on any device at any time. Create your own profile by using our access code CMGLWD. This service is available to everyone at Floris UMC and Restoration Church.

Create your personal profile.
  1. Go to https://my.amplifymedia.com/florisumcoakhillva 
  2. Enter Congregation Access Code: CMGLWD
  3. Create your personal profile
  4. Login to Amplify by going to
  5. https://my.amplifymedia.com/florisumcoakhillva/login
  6.  Bookmark Amplify for future use

Amplify is also available on your phone and TV through these services (click below):

Floris UMC, OAK HILL, VA on Roku
Floris UMC, OAK HILL, VA for iOS
Floris UMC, OAK HILL, VA for Android

Restoration Church Update

Restoration Church is now virtual. You are welcome to participate in our Online Worship Service on Sundays at 10 a.m.